Stone Cold Steve Austin Marriage: Know His Four Wife, Divorce

Who is Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s real name is Steven James Anderson, and he was born in Victoria, Texas, on December 18, 1964. He began his wrestling career in 1989 under “Stunning” Steve Austin. He quickly rose through the ranks of various wrestling organizations, including World Championship Wrestling (WCW), before joining the WWF in 1995.

In addition to his work in professional wrestling, Steve Austin has successfully pursued a career in acting, making appearances in movies including “The Condemned” and “The Expendables.” Along with hosting many reality TV programs, he has also been on “Redneck Island” and “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge.”

Steve Austin First Marriage With Kathryn Burrhus 

While working as a driver for a Dallas furniture company, Stone Cold Steve Austin married Kathryn Burrhus. They tied the knot in 1990, but their marriage didn’t last very long, and they divorced the following year. Steve Austin has described Kathryn as a “sweetheart” and “a really good woman” in interviews. 

But he’s also admitted that things were rocky between them right from the start, with them working minimum-wage jobs. Since their divorce, Kathryn has mostly faded from public view, and very little is known about her. Meanwhile, Steve Austin’s career was taking off, and he tied the knot thrice more.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Second Marriage With Jeanie Clarke

WCW wrestler Jeanie Clarke, well known by her ring as “Lady Blossom,” was Steve Austin’s second wife. They began dating after meeting at work and tied the knot in December 1992. They had two daughters: Stephanie and Cassidy. Stephanie, born in 1992, and Cassidy, born in 2001, are  Austin’s daughters from his second marriage to Jeanie Clarke. Stephanie is a University of North Texas graduate and has worked as a real estate agent. Cassidy is a high school student and a talented equestrian.

Stephanie and Cassidy have also publicly appeared with their father at wrestling events and award ceremonies. They have expressed admiration for their father’s career and have supported him throughout his various ventures. Stephanie and Cassidy seem well-adjusted and successful young women who have a loving relationship with their famous father.

The Decline of Steve Austin and Jeanie Clarke’s Marriage

At first, it appeared that Steve Austin and Jeanie Clarke were a happy marriage; Jeanie even accompanied Steve to the ring as his manager in the early days of his WWF career. Yet, as Steve’s popularity and fortune grew, strains began to appear in their marriage.

Jeanie Clarke described Steve as oppressive and violent in her memoir, “Through the Broken Glass,” which details the couple’s marriage’s decline. According to her claims, he had a history of irrational outbursts; at one point, he pushed her against the door of her hotel room, knocking her unconscious.

Steve Austin has denied Jeanie’s claims as “untrue” and “baseless,” and he has contested her credibility. Yet, the couple finalized their divorce in 1999, and Jeanie remarried and relocated to England.

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Steve Austin’s Third Marriage With Debra Marshall

Debra Marshall, a fellow wrestler whom Steve Austin met while she was employed as a manager in the WWF, was the subject of his third marriage. After they were married in 2000, it appeared that Steve had finally found fulfilment in his personal life. Yet, there were difficulties in their marriage. Debra contacted the police at their San Antonio home in 2002 and reported that Steve had beaten her.

After being detained and accused of domestic violence, Steve later had the charges dropped for lack of proof. The occurrence significantly impacted Steve’s personal life and career as a wrestler, leading many fans and associates to doubt his moral character. Even though Steve has since refuted the accusations, his reputation has been marred by the episode.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Fourth Marriage to Kristin Feres

Kristin Feres was the fourth wife of Steve Austin. On November 24, 2009, the pair exchanged vows in a small ceremony conducted in Las Vegas. Feres, a current fitness trainer and former WWE developmental talent, have been dating Austin since 2007. Since 2008, the two have been engaged. There were difficulties in their relationship, though. Austin said in his autobiography, “The Stone Cold Truth,” that their relationship suffered due to his demanding work schedule and his wrestling career’s physical toll on him.

Also, he admitted that his problems with rage occasionally led to confrontations with Feres. The couple managed to stay together and resolve their concerns despite these challenges. Austin’s supporting spouse Feres helped him move from professional wrestling to other endeavours, such as acting and running his podcast.

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Kristin Feres’ Role in Steve Austin’s Career

In addition to their relationship, Feres was important to Austin’s professional life. She participated in a team competition with Austin on an episode of the NBC reality series “Minute to Win It” in 2011. Feres assisted Austin in maintaining his workout regimen and the physique that has become synonymous with him.

Regrettably, Austin and Feres announced their divorce in 2020 despite their best efforts to make it work. Austin said the couple would still be friends and that the breakup was amicable. There is no doubting the influence Kristin Feres had on Stone Cold Steve Austin, although their marriage may not have endured.

She helped him maintain his focus on his fitness and health goals when he was going through a trying time in his job. Even if their love relationship may be gone, they will stay friends and share memories for a long time.

Steve Austin’s Views on Marriage

Steve Austin has been upfront about his issues with dating and marriage throughout his career. He has been open about his four marriages and the struggles he experienced in each in interviews and his autobiography. Despite his challenges, Steve has stayed upbeat about the likelihood of discovering love and happiness in a committed relationship.

In interviews, he has said that while he is open to being married again, he is taking his time and being picky about the people he chooses to date. He has also emphasized the value of open communication and mutual trust in a marriage, saying that these aspects were crucial to his third marriage’s longevity. He has advised others always to endeavour to establish a good connection and understanding with their spouses and to be open and honest with them.

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Overcoming Divorce, Injuries, and Addiction to Wrestle Greatness

Steve Austin’s second marriage ended in divorce, causing considerable emotional and professional turmoil. A significant neck injury that threatened to destroy Steve’s wrestling career was just one of the many problems he faced at the time of the abuse allegations.

Steve claims that the combination of his disability and the dissolution of his marriage sent him into a profound melancholy from which he could find no relief until he turned to alcohol. His book, “The Stone Cold Truth,” details how he frequently attempted suicide and drank severely daily.

Fortunately, Steve was able to make a U-turn in his life with the support of his loved ones and a new dedication to his wrestling profession. After neck surgery, he returned to the ring in 2000 and hasn’t looked back since, winning numerous titles.

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The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin

Steve Austin’s career in professional wrestling stretched over two decades, and he produced several iconic moments throughout his time in the ring. He had a reputation for speaking his mind, being a bit of a rebel, and making an emotional connection with his listeners. Steve Austin is still very popular in and out of the wrestling community, despite the many scandals that have dogged his personal life.

His off-the-mat work has been just as significant, and his legacy continues today, inspiring and influencing new generations of wrestlers and fans. Stone Cold Steve Austin will be recognized as one of the greatest of all time for many reasons, including his iconic catchphrases, legendary feuds with The Rock and other greats, and overall impact on the sport.

Life After Wrestling

After more than ten years in the professional wrestling industry, Stone Cold Steve Austin made his in-ring comeback in 2003. He still participates in the sport, though, occasionally appearing at WWE events and hosting the company’s premier program, Raw. Steve has followed a variety of other endeavours and interests aside from wrestling.

In addition to hosting his podcast, “The Steve Austin Show,” he has appeared in several movies and television programs, including the popular reality series “Dancing with the Stars.” With his professional activities, Steve has worked with various causes and groups dear to his heart. He has advocated strongly for the armed forces and done his part to support veterans and their families.

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