Jordan Belfort’s Ex-Wife Denise Lombardo: Bio, Age, Divorce, Facts

Who is Denise Lombardo?

Denise Lombardo is a successful American real estate agent who was the first wife of Jordan Belfort, a former stockbroker and convicted fraudster famous for his memoir “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which was later turned into a film. She was born on November 11, 1963, and is around 59 years old as of 2023. She met Jordan Belfort while they were both in high school in Queens, New York. The couple started dating in 1984, and after six years of courtship, they tied the knot in 1991. In the movie version of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Naomi Lapaglia plays the role of Lombardo.

How did Jordan Belfort and Denise Lombardo meet?

The couple met in 1985 at a Long Island, New York party. At the time, Jordan worked as a stockbroker, and Denise was a model and a dental assistant. According to Jordan Belfort’s biography, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the two were immediately drawn to each other and began dating shortly after. Jordan was impressed with Denise’s intelligence and beauty, and they started dating seriously soon after.

Jordan and Denise eventually got engaged, and Jordan bought her a large diamond ring. However, their relationship was tumultuous, with Jordan often cheating on Denise and engaging in other reckless behavior.

Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort’s Marriage

Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort were married in the 1980s. They were high school sweethearts who later got married in 1985. However, their marriage didn’t last long, as they divorced in 1991. During their marriage, Jordan was heavily involved in illegal activities related to stock market manipulation and fraud.

According to Jordan’s memoir, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Denise did not support his career and wanted him to leave the stock market business. This caused tension in their relationship, and Jordan started cheating on her with other women, including his future second wife, Nadine Caridi.

Jordan Belfort’s Life

Jordan Belfort’s life of excess, fueled by drugs and money, peaked during his marriage to Denise Lombardo. Lombardo played a significant role in her husband’s life, serving as his loyal, confidant, and business partner. However, their marriage was plagued by infidelity, drug abuse, and financial fraud.


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The Divorce and Aftermath

After six years of marriage, Lombardo filed for divorce from Jordan Belfort in 1991. The divorce was messy and contentious, with allegations of infidelity, drug abuse, and financial fraud. Their marriage began to deteriorate as Belfort’s involvement in illegal activities increased, and he started to have affairs. Lombardo filed for divorce in 1991, citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce was finalized that same year, and Lombardo received a settlement of $ divorce settlement from Belfort.

After their divorce, Belfort continued to engage in illegal activities and was eventually arrested and sentenced to 22 months in prison. He wrote a book about his experiences, which was later turned into a successful movie called “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Life After Divorce

After her divorce from Belfort, Lombardo retreated from the public eye and started a new life. She remarried, had children, and focused on building a career as a real estate agent. Lombardo has been successful in her new career and has also been involved in philanthropy and charity work.

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The Infamous Yacht Scene

In “The Wolf of Wall Street,” one of the most memorable scenes was when Belfort and his employees went nuts on a yacht. Lombardo was present on the yacht during that time, and the scene portrayed her as being in the center of evil. However, in reality, Lombardo denied involvement in the scandalous behavior.


Jordan Belfort and Denise Lombardo did not have any children during their marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 1991, and they moved on to other relationships.

Some Facts About Denise Lombardo

  • Lombardo and Belfort were high school sweethearts who got married in 1985.
  • She worked as a model and later became a real estate agent.
  • In the movie version of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Lombardo was cast as Naomi Lapaglia, Belfort’s second wife, which caused a bit of a stir.
  • Lombardo and Belfort divorced in 1991, and Belfort married Nadine Caridi, whom he later divorced.
  • After her divorce from Belfort, Lombardo reportedly went on to live a private life and has largely stayed out of the public eye.
  • She has not publicly commented about the movie or book “The Wolf of Wall Street” nor publicly shared her opinion on Belfort’s portrayal of her in his memoir.


Denise Lombardo’s life has been an intriguing and tumultuous journey. Her marriage to Jordan Belfort, the notorious stockbroker, was both a blessing and a curse. Although Lombardo significantly impacted her husband’s life, their marriage suffered from infidelity, drug abuse, and financial fraud. After her divorce from Belfort, Lombardo started a new life, focusing on her career and philanthropic work. Despite her challenges, Lombardo has emerged as a strong, successful woman who has built her own life.

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