Chandler Belfort Wiki Bio, Age, Early Life, Family, Husband, Net Worth

Chandler Belfort, daughter of entrepreneur Jordan Belfort, is a mental health counselor known for her dedication to helping others. Jordan Belfort gained fame as an entrepreneur, author, and former stockbroker, particularly after the release of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” a film based on his life starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Chandler’s pursuit of a career in mental health reflects her commitment to making a positive impact beyond her family’s celebrity status.

Who is Chandler Belfort?

Chandler Belfort, born on July 29, 1994, is widely recognized as the daughter of renowned entrepreneur Jordan Belfort. Despite her celebrity upbringing, Chandler has carved her own path as a mental health counselor, displaying a commitment to helping others navigate their emotional well-being. Her father, Jordan Belfort, is a multifaceted individual known for his roles as an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker.

who is Chandler Belfort


His rise to prominence occurred notably with the release of the film “The Wolf of Wall Street,” directed by Martin Scorsese and featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, which depicted aspects of Jordan’s life and career. Through her professional endeavors and family background, Chandler embodies a blend of personal growth, compassion, and resilience.

Know Quick Facts About Chandler Belfort

Real Name Chandler Ann Belfort
Nick Name Chandler
Profession Mental Health Counselor
Date of Birth 29th July 1993
Age as of 2024 30 year old
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Leo
Religion Christan
Ethnicity Caucasian
Residence Los California, USA
Language Speaks English

Life Before Fame

While details about Chandler Belfort’s early life remain scarce, her educational journey is well-documented. She completed her secondary education at Vistamar School in 2012 before pursuing higher studies. Chandler obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Spanish Language Literature and Culture from Muhlenberg College, reflecting her interest in both mental health and linguistic studies.

Chandler Belfort Wiki Bio, Age, Early Life, Family, Husband, Net Worth

Building upon this foundation, she furthered her education by enrolling at the Steinhardt College of New York University in 2017 to pursue a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. Chandler’s academic pursuits underscore her dedication to the field of mental health and her commitment to gaining the necessary expertise to support others in need.

Chandler Belfort Family

Chandler Belfort’s parents, Jordan Ross Belfort and Nadine Caridi, first crossed paths at a mutual friend’s gathering despite being involved in other relationships. Nadine was previously in a relationship with Alan Wilzig, while Jordan was married to Denise Lombardo.

Chandler Belfort Family

In 1991, Jordan and Nadine exchanged vows and enjoyed several years of marital bliss, welcoming two children, Carter and Chandler Belfort, into their lives. However, their union faced challenges, leading to their divorce in 2005, with Nadine ultimately gaining custody of their two children. Nadine later remarried John Macaluso, with whom she shares three children, Frankie, Nicky, and Allie Macaluso.

Who is Chandler Belfort’s Husband?

Chandler Belfort and her partner, Conner Winter, exchanged vows in 2021, marking the culmination of their enduring relationship. After sharing many years together, they decided to take the next step and commit to a lifelong journey together through marriage. The wedding likely symbolized a significant milestone in their love story, solidifying their bond and paving the way for a shared future filled with love and companionship.

Chandler Belfort husband

Her Professional Career

Following the completion of her Master’s degree in Psychology, Chandler Belfort embarked on a career path that reflects her dedication to mental health support. Initially, she served as a Research Assistant at The Social Cognition and Imagination Lab at Pace University, where she likely contributed to research endeavors to advance understanding in the psychology field. 

Subsequently, in 2017, Chandler transitioned to a role at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, where she likely gained valuable experience in the clinical setting while providing assistance to individuals grappling with mental health challenges. 

Currently, Chandler is employed as a Mental Health Professional, utilizing her expertise to offer support and guidance to those in need, underscoring her commitment to positively impacting mental health.

What is Chandler Belfort’s Net Worth? 

According to available information, Chandler Belfort’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Despite her background as a celebrity offspring, Chandler has forged her own path and does not solely rely on her father’s wealth. Instead, she has established herself as a successful mental health counselor, earning income through her profession and demonstrating her independence and dedication to her career.

Chandler Belfort Father

Social Media Influence

Chandler Belfort maintains a relatively private presence on social media platforms, with limited public information available about her online activity. Chandler appears to prioritize discretion and professionalism in her digital presence, focusing primarily on her career as a mental health counselor rather than seeking widespread visibility through social media channels.

She is not on Instagram or any other social media platform. However, you can follow her father, Jordon Belfort, on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @wolfofwallst, and he has 2.1 million followers on his Instagram account.

Some Well-Known Facts About Chandler Belfort

  • Chandler Belfort is the daughter of the famous entrepreneur Jordon Belfort.
  • She is a mental health counselor by profession. 
  • Chandler Belfort was born on July 29, 1994, and is 29 years of age as of 2024. 
  • She began her job as a research assistant at a New York institution in college. 
  • She proposed to Connor to marry her in December 2019; they met on the East Coast.


Q1. Why is Chandler Belfort So Famous?

  • Chandler Belfort, daughter of the “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort, is a mental health psychotherapist and counselor. First and only daughter of Jordan Belfort.

Q2. When and where was Chandler Belfort born?

  • She was born on 29th July 1993 in Los Angeles, California.

Q3. Where did Chandler Belfort finish high school?

  • She completed high school at Vistamar School in 2012.

Q4. What degrees did Chandler Belfort pursue in college?

  • She studied art psychology and Spanish literature and culture as an undergraduate. She graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and Spanish language, literature, and culture.

Q5. What is Chandler Belfort’s professional background?

  • She started working as a research assistant at a New York institution in college. She practices mental health counseling in New York after earning her master’s from New York University.

Q6. Where does Chandler Belfort currently live?

  • She currently resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Q7. What are Chandler Belfort’s physical measurements?

  • She stands at 5 feet 2 inches (160 cm) tall and weighs 114 lbs (52 kg). She has dark brown eyes and hair.

Q8. Who are Chandler Belfort’s siblings?

  • Chandler has a genuine brother, Carter Belfort, and four siblings from her mother: Frankie, Nicku, and Allie.

Q9. Is Chandler Belfort in a relationship?

  • Chandler is dating longtime lover Connor. After getting engaged in December 2019, they’re getting married soon.

Q10. Who are Chandler Belfort’s parents?

  • Her parents are Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi. He married her in 1991. Jordan Belfort is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, former stockbroker, and financial criminal. Former model and psychotherapist Nadine Caridi.

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