John Cena ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau Bio, Age, Marriage, Divorce

John Cena ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau Bio, Age, Marriage, Divorce -

Elizabeth Huberdeau is the ex-wife of John Cena, a famous professional wrestler, and actor. They were married for three years, from 2009 to 2012, before getting a divorce. Huberdeau worked as a real estate agent before getting married to Cena. Even though she hasn’t been in the news much since the split, her relationship with John Cena and their subsequent split was big news at the time. Discover more about Elizabeth’s professional history and why the couple split up in the sections below.

Who Is Scott Kolanach, Stephanie Courtney’s Husband? Know

Who is Scott Kolanach, Stephanie Courtney's Husband: Bio, Age, Net Worth -

Scott Kolanach is an American lighting director famous for being the husband of American actress and comedian Stephanie Courtney. Scott Kolanach Wikipedia said he met his wife, Stephanie Courtney, at work. Scott Kolanch’s real name is Scott Michael Kolanach, and he will be 46 years old as of 2023. Scott met his wife for the first time when she came to audition for the position in “Groundlings the Couple.” The couple also had a son when Stephanie was 40 years old. Learn more about his professional life, career, marriage life, and many more.