Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery revealed: When the bold star speaks

Dolly Parton is a bold actress who is never shy about discussing her plastic surgeries and she has been always open about the procedures of plastic surgery she has gone through. Enhancements in her breasts are one of the most talked about topics (related to the plastic surgery of Dolly Parton) in Hollywood town. She revealed that she has had multiple surgeries to make her breasts look how they do.

The most hilarious yet beautiful part about her personality is that she wants her body and thereafter effects of plastic surgeries to be noticed by the public. She has admitted that she has spent too much money and her precious time to get those tight breasts.

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery

What Dolly has to say about her plastic surgeries?

Even though Dolly Parton is an open fan of plastic surgery, she is not afraid to talk about the dangers of plastic surgery procedures. She admits that going under the knife has its good as well as bad effects, as nothing comes without a cost.

Whenever Dolly Parton talks about her plastic surgeries, she always tries to highlight the fact that you should never overdo it. Because you never know, when you come out not looking beautiful. So, beware of the drastic and irreparable damages of plastic procedures when you want to come under the knife frequently.

The actress is in her late seventies, yet Dolly seems to be very confident while talking about her plastic surgeries. She clearly says that to look good is not an easy process, it always comes with some risks. She may have undergone surgeries to look beautiful and young, but she is not fake. The lovely star always looks real from the inside, as her beauty and confidence reflect what she speaks truthfully.

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When Dolly Parton says she was not naturally pretty

The queen of music, Dolly Parton, is always in the limelight for her powerful and straight comments regarding her appearance and under-the-knife procedures. She has left a mark on the music industry with her mesmerizing and powerful voice, and her elegant and confident personality. Dolly Parton always has a unique sense of style which she carries confidently.

Over the years, her fans are always impressed with her beautiful looks and her talented personality. She has always impressed her audience with her ageless beauty. Despite all this limelight and fame, news of her plastic surgery was also present in the market throughout her career. But is the beautiful look of Dolly Parton a reality? Or the news about the plastic surgeries of Dolly Parton a reality? Let’s find out what the actress has to say about her beauty.

The confident singer admits that she was not naturally pretty, she has invested a lot to look beautiful. Not only money, but Dolly Parton has invested her precious time to get those plastic surgeries done. Dolly cheerfully talks about her plastic surgeries and says I am not born beautiful, but I can enhance my beauty. And all the credit goes to the doctors who put me under the knife and gave me the look that I always desired.

Love of Dolly Parton for cosmetic procedures

As the singer is always vocal about her love for cosmetic procedures, anyone can say how much Dolly loves the process of plastic surgery. She admits that she has gone through multiple operations to enhance her features. Her sexy hourglass figure, radiant and shiny complexion, and plump lips are all gifts of plastic surgery. Many people make fun of the singer, but she is always open to talking about the magic that the knife has done to her body.

Plastic surgeries that Dolly Parton has done on her

So, here we start talking about the various cosmetic procedures that Dolly Parton has gone through to date. Whether it is Botox or breast implants, we will delve into every detail that Dolly has done to her body to look that attractive. Dolly has gone under the knife many times in her career. Some of her major surgeries are mentioned below:

Breast implants of Dolly Parton

Many celebrities are very conscious about their sexy and appealing appearance. And Dolly Parton is one among those many famous beauties who have gone under the knife to get her breasts job done. And she has talked about her breast implants frequently. She clears the rumors by accepting the fact that in the 1980s she went under the knife to get this curvy body that she has been always praised for. And not once, she admits that to maintain her ample boobs, she has got many cosmetic procedures on her body.

Face lift of Dolly Parton

Facelift of Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is never shy to disclose her age. But disclosing her age does not mean that she is not conscious about her looks and she is not in a mindset to take care of her appearance. The beautiful lady is too concerned about the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on her face and neck. She admits that she has undergone a facelift to improve the texture of her facial skin. And to add fun to the plastic surgery process that Dolly Parton has gone through, she cracks a joke by saying her facelift has blessed her with a beautiful neck.

The nose job of Dolly Parton

The lady admits that in her early career, her nose was very pronounced and does not look as good it looks today. In the late 1980s, the singer underwent rhinoplasty to make her nose look more symmetrical and less small than before. The appearance difference that Dolly Parton got after the nose job was subtle but noticeable.

Botox injections that Dolly Parton took

Dolly Parton always clarifies how conscious she is about looking young and fresh. In many interviews, she has revealed that Botox has now become an important part of her beauty regime. She has always trusted Botox to get the beautiful and smooth skin that she desired.

Lip Fillers taken by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s plump pout is always an eyecatcher in the Hollywood industry. The glam industry is always a fan of full and plump pout, and as an attention seeker, Dolly has taken the help of lip fillers. However, she admits that she had done lip filling a long time ago and also that it was minimal. The singer loves her plump lips and also makes her lips noticeable by applying bright-colored lipsticks to enhance them further.

Dolly Parton’s before and after Plastic Surgery differences

Dolly Parton’s before and after Plastic Surgery differences

When anybody looks at photos of Dolly Parton before her surgeries and after her surgeries, he or she can find a significant difference. But you can never say that her smile was infectious at the start of her career, and it is unnoticeable in the present time. Although she was already blessed with voluminous hair and people were attracted to her ample bosom, still her appearance evolved. With time, her cosmetic procedures made her look more stunning and younger for her age. His waistline looked sexier and her figure turned out to be a killer one. Dolly Parton is one of the few ladies who evolved after going under the knife.


Plastic surgery for Dolly Parton is her choice and she cherished the procedures she went through to get the body that she always wanted. Dolly was never afraid of talking about the knife and its effect on the body. She also admitted she was lucky to get the cosmetic job done properly.

FAQs Related to Dolly Parton’s Plastic Surgery

What was the age of Dolly Parton when she went under the knife first?

Dolly Parton was in her early 40s when she got her plastic surgeries done first.

What was the size of Dolly Parton’s breasts before the plastic surgery?

This is one of the mysterious questions, whose answers are not yet clear. However, after the cosmetic procedure, Dolly Parton’s breast size went to 36DD.