Before and After Matt Rife Plastic surgery: Just rumors or truth?

So here we arrived to clear the air about Matt Rife plastic surgery. Matt, a 28-year-old handsome comedian, who has a large fan following is facing lots of trolling about his cosmetic surgery. And this all began with his jaw-dropping transformation that caught the eyes of everyone.

Viewers were curious to know about the truth behind Matt Rife cosmetic surgery after their eyes got glued with his finely sculpted jawline. This article will help you to figure out the truth that you are in search of.

Speculations about Matt Rife’s Jaw implants

Although Matt Rife has always declined news about his plastic surgery, many of his followers and critics are sure that he must have gone under the knife to get that perfect jawline. But if we see his pictures of his early 20s and thereafter, we won’t get any obvious signs that prove the validity of Matt Rife’s plastic surgery news.

Rife once dismissed the speculations about his plastic procedures, when he had an interview with Access Hollywood in 2023. He comically replied to trollers saying, “It is the funniest thing in the whole universe.” He added that puberty had hit him late, before 22, I was looking like an innocent kid.

When you look at photos of the Trapped Inn actor, those from his early 20s, you will be sure that Matt Riffe always had those attractive features including his jawline. And that sweet child-faced comedian from his early 20s has now turned into a hot and sexy dude in his late 20s.

Doctor’s claim to give Matt Rife the “greatest jawline Ever”

Rumors about Matt Rife’s plastic surgery hit the newsroom again when a doctor claimed that he had given an unnamed celebrity the “greatest jawline ever.” All this began from the point when a plastic surgeon named, Dr Benjamin Caughlin was seen claiming on his social media that he had given an unnamed celebrity the best jawline. Although, the name of Matt Rife was not disclosed, yet public speculated that the talk was all about the comedian Matt Rife.

Many of the users were seen commenting on TikTok’s post of Dr Benjamin whether he was talking about the jaw transformation of Matt Rife. 

When Matte looked into the matter, he denied all these rumours saying that, I think I am getting older, nothing more than this. And he told the host of Tana Mongeau that he has done only one thing, that is to his teeth because his teeth were not good in his childhood. About the doctor, Matte said that the doctor is not only lying but he is wrong at his job. Matte Riffe gave credit to only one medical professional who gave these attractive features, and that credit is given to doctor G-O-D.

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Matt’s female fan base: All because of his cosmetic surgery?

Following the release of his Netflix special, Natural Selection, the actor has been under scrutiny. Due to his viral crowd work interaction videos, Matt has gained massive popularity. But his joke on domestic violence has led to controversy. This domestic violence joke came as a shock to Matt Rife’s fans, as his fanbase mainly comprises female fans. After the controversy began to spread in an uncontrolled way, Rife took the help of his Instagram story to say sorry to his online followers. But as there is still no clarity about Matt Rife’s plastic surgery news and hence we cannot say that his large female fan following is all because of his cosmetic jawline.

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Photos of Matt Rife Taken Before and After

The actor of Trapped Inn has always had his signature jawline and excellent looks, as evidenced by photos taken of him in his early twenties. Even though, at 28, he appears more mature now.

Here’s a photo of Matt at the age of twenty.

Star Magazine's Hollywood Rocks 2016


The Problematic tour host has acquired more muscle mass than most guys his age, as seen by another photo of him aged 21.

2017 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals


What Matt Rife has to say about his plastic surgery

Not once but multiple times, Matt gave credit to doctor G-O-D, to bless him with late puberty. He cleared all rumors about his cosmetic procedures by saying that all his transformation in these recent years is all because of his late puberty, according to him, he has not been hit by puberty till he was 22.

While speaking to Variety, Matt said that he is often ridiculed for having huge women fans. He added, “Despite what people think about me online, I don’t pander my career to women.” Matt’s insecurity about his looks is linked to the rumors of the plastic surgery on his jaw. The comedian is renowned for his chiseled jawline and high cheekbones. Matt admits that it is quite hard to be physically attractive as a comedian.

In many shows, the comedian comically replied to the trollers saying, “I was ugly as shit for the first 22 years of my life, puberty hit me so disrespectfully late.”


Many among the online crowd have always doubted that Matt Rife has done plastic surgery to get the perfect shape of his sexy jawline. Some of the plastic surgeons also ignited the rumors more by saying that cheekbone implants are placed through mouths, so there is no external scarring. But all these rumors have no solid proof of the truthfulness of Matt Rife’s plastic surgery.