What Is an Aura?

According to some people, they can sense the energy field of an individual playing online demo roulette by reading their aura to identify their chakras.

According to Christina Lonsdale, an artist based in Portland, the low level of electric power that humans radiate is referred to as an electromagnetic field.

The energy field is believed to be expressed in seven layers in the body, which is explained in Hindu scriptures such as the Vedas. Each of these layers is associated with a specific aspect of one’s spiritual, emotional, or physical health.

It’s believed that these seven layers can affect one’s overall well-being.

Are auras real?

A person may not consider their aura to be a representation of their current state of being, however, an aura is said to be the energy that an individual emits as they are around you.

Although there are no scientific studies on the subject of auras, several practices, and philosophies maintain that they exist. The interpretation of an aura’s attributes varies depending on the viewpoint held by different practitioners and philosophies.

The energy that all things possess is the way they send out messages or awareness. It’s not clear if this energy can be regarded as a manifestation of one’s physical and spiritual body.

Are auras the same thing as vibes? 

According to Lonsdale, an aura is made up of vibrations, which are short for “vibrational frequency.”

The energy that you emit as you are around someone can convey a message of anger, excitement, or happiness, even without saying anything as well as help you sense the emotions of another individual.

According to Emma Mildon, a self-proclaimed spiritual activist and author of the “Soul Searcher’s Handbook,” one can tap into another person’s frequency to find out what’s causing them to repel or attract you. Her theory is based on the idea that people can perceive and interpret our vibe based on how it works with others.

All living things, including humans, have an energy field of their own. Things such as flowers, animals, and trees also have their own energy fields.

In 2018, a study published in the Journal of Chinese medical sciences revealed that the human body has both visible and invisible components. The author of the paper noted that conducting a comprehensive analysis of the human energy system could be done with the help of advanced tools.

Although there are no scientific studies supporting the notion that everyone has an aura, most people assume that humans have an energy field around them.

Some believe that our energy field is more complicated than that of other living things due to how we have evolved.

According to Lonsdale, we are constantly broadcasting information and ideas without realizing it.

What does an aura look like?

Through her Radiant Human project which explores the human body’s energy, Lonsdale was able to capture the details of an individual’s energy.

She was able to do this by using a camera that has sensors that collect and interpret the energy field of an individual.

A type of aural photography known as Kirlian photography is said to show the appearance of an egg-shaped circle around a person’s physical body.

According to Pat Longo, a spiritual healer, artists have depicted the appearance of an aura as a halo or a bubble of light that surrounds one’s body.

How do you see your aura?

Although a camera like the one used by Lonsdale is helpful in perceiving an aura, there are other methods that can also be utilized.

Longo said that some people can see their aura by looking in a mirror and softening their eyes however, this method requires practice. Longo has been experiencing the appearance of auras for a long time. She initially thought that it looked like a fuzzy white light. However, over time, it turned into vibrant colors.

According to Longo, spiritual advisors often tell their clients that it can take a lot of attention and time to perceive an aura.

Is it easier to see someone else’s aura?

During times of meditation, focus, and concentration, you can actually see your aura as you are able to access your spiritual energy.

The colors in an individual’s aura represent their physical, emotional, and spiritual complexity. Some believe that if an individual is more energetic or vibrant, their layers may be brighter. On the other hand, if they are under a lot of stress, depression, or physical illness, their layers may be dull.