Threads: 4 Best Tactics to Attract More Followers Now

With the release of the new Threads app from Meta, SMM experts began to say that Twitter killer was created. In general, this is how it is: the new platform instantly became popular and attracted millions of users around the world in a few hours. Today, almost two weeks after the launch of the new app, we can confidently say that this network has broken all records for attracting an audience and has great prospects in the future. Threads is on the wave of the trend, and it will be for a very long time – users continue to join, thereby creating an excellent “ground” for entrepreneurs and bloggers to develop their pages.

Being an influencer here can offer numerous benefits, from increased visibility and engagement to the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and potentially monetize the content. While the competition here is not as intense as on Insta, so now is a golden time for bloggers – if you have a goal to achieve popularity on the Internet space and become visible to influencers in your niche, it’s time to act!

In this article, we’ll share the four best strategies for attracting new fans that you should know about and share tips on buying real Threads followers for safe, fast and effective promotion. Read on!

  1. Post high-quality and valuable content

Yes, the competition here is not as tough as on other platforms, but this does not mean that you, as a creator, should forget about quality and post everything in a row. Before publishing your posts, analyze which messages get a great response from the audience and evaluate your content: is it really potentially viral and can help you attract the right (targeted) subs to the page?

Explore the most popular posts at the moment: memes, short notes, bloggers’ thoughts and try to follow the trends. Don’t reinvent the wheel: to begin with, it’s enough just to create something that a larger audience likes, a little later you’ll be able to show a little more creativity and create something new, but when you have already formed a large loyal audience.

  1. Purchase followers

Advertising companies also keep up with the trends, and almost from the first days of the platform’s existence, they began to offer the purchase of subscribers. This is great news : you can get new subscribers “out of nowhere” and instantly become a more competitive and visible blogger here. This method is especially relevant and valuable for those who don’t have many fans on Instagram and there is no one to follow you. Here are some rules for buying fans :

  • Don’t buy fakes and computer bots. Before placing an order, be sure to check the company for decency – good companies deliver only real subscribers and don’t offer bots for cheap, because it is ineffective and unsafe.
  • Quality-price ratio. High-quality and permanent fans cannot be very cheap, so avoid such offers. It is ideal to choose a company that provides fans at an average price on the market.
  • Always read reviews. Take some time to read reviews from real customers to protect yourself from scammers and low-quality services. Usually good providers have a lot of reviews – this is an indicator of their reliability.
  1. Invite IG followers

This is great if you already have a certain fan base on IG, but you need to use them wisely. As soon as you sign up for a new app, the system will automatically send invitations to your subscribers, but this is not enough. To announce your presence on Threads, create some stories about your new page and invite your fans there. Perhaps someone still doesn’t know about the new platform, so they don’t follow you there.

Offer them something unique and interesting – for example, content that won’t be anywhere else except on a new account. In this case, your fans will want to know what you offer there and will start following you. But don’t lie to them, keep your promise and publish content that doesn’t post anywhere else.

  1. Be a part of community

Another key to success is your activity here. Don’t wait for people to find your profile and start following, act on your own. Participate in discussions, give valuable advice (if someone asks for it), respond to comments, meet new people and show them signs of attention. Everyone is watching each other here for now, so being more visible on the platform will make it easier for you to move on and expand your audience every day.

Useful tip: try interactive content formats, something like “guess 5 facts about me”, users like to “play” with bloggers and are active in such posts. Good luck!