The Future Of Lewis Hamilton: Is Mercedes To Blame For Another Failed Season?

Lewis Hamilton will likely settle for another F1 season where he’s out of the Drivers’ Championship running. Despite claiming his car isn’t up to scratch, the seven-time champion believes his crew is making the correct adjustments, and a new contract at Mercedes is nearly a ‘done deal’!

Hamilton recently expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of Red Bull’s challenger for the 2023 season. He pointed out that although he had the privilege of driving the fastest car after joining Mercedes in 2013, his championship-winning vehicles were not as quick as Verstappen and his teammate Perez’s cars this year.

In 2023, Hamilton has had to settle for podium finishes, relying on the scraps left by the two Red Bull drivers while hoping to end his winning drought. His pole position performance in Hungary, alongside four podium finishes, has served as a reminder of his capabilities when provided with a stable car. However, he will unlikely secure a record-breaking eighth world title if Mercedes’ long-standing rivals continue their domination.

In contrast, Red Bull enters the summer break with an impressive record of 12 victories in as many Grands Prix. The Milton Keynes-based team aims to extend this winning streak when they head to Zandvoort for Verstappen’s return home in late August. The grandstands are expected to be filled with a celebratory atmosphere as the local hero pursues his third consecutive championship triumph.

Hamilton on Mercedes Upgrades

Lewis Hamilton believes that Mercedes has made significant progress since implementing their new concept at the Monaco Grand Prix, where they abandoned their previous ‘zero-sidepod’ philosophy.

In May, Mercedes arrived at the Circuit de Monaco with a conventional side pod design for the first time since 2021, signaling the team’s acknowledgment of their flawed philosophy. Both Hamilton and George Russell have shown improvement since the group adopted a more traditional approach, with the seven-time World Champion securing three podium finishes since Monaco.

Most importantly, the new approach has allowed Mercedes to plan for the future.

We’ve been making big steps. I think the biggest step we took was when we got to Monaco, and the car has progressed a lot since then,” Hamilton commented. “We have a better understanding of where to position the car. It’s been a lot more consistent – podiums, top-five finishes – which has been great,” he added.

While cultivating a positive outlook is undeniably valuable, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this optimistic perspective has yet to establish Hamilton or the Mercedes team as a magnet for enthusiastic F1 handicappers seeking promising betting opportunities. The prevailing sentiment within the betting community suggests a measured approach, with discerning individuals closely evaluating the current performance dynamics.

Anticipating a potential shift in the betting landscape, the question arises: will sportsbooks experience an influx of interest in Hamilton and Mercedes once the lingering downforce issue is successfully addressed? As this technical concern gets resolved, the competitive equilibrium may be restored, potentially altering the prevailing narrative.

A significant factor influencing the betting calculus is the intricate balance between driver prowess, team strategies, and technical adjustments. While both Hamilton and the Mercedes team possess undeniable capabilities, discerning bettors may be awaiting a more decisive demonstration of their prowess in the context of the ever-evolving F1 landscape.

Hamilton odds sit at 3/1 to win the Drivers’ Championship without Max Verstappen, as Sergio Perez is ahead by a significant margin at 1/4. Mercedes’s odds for the Constructors Championship is 136/1, as the Red Bull team is running away in the standings.

Without a doubt, the Silver Arrows are lacking downforce, and Hamilton has suggested the Germans focus on the W14’s downforce, and they’re working day and night to correct said issues.

The balance, we’ve still got to work on. And we need more downforce, as we always do. But I know everyone back at the factory is head-down focused on doing that,” Hamilton said.

We’re just massively focused on getting second for the team in the constructors’, and [I’m] trying to get third in the drivers’ standings.

Mercedes holds second place in the standings with a 51-point advantage over Aston Martin. They should have no trouble maintaining this lead, as the Silverstone-based team is starting to lose ground. As a result, Hamilton is expected to surpass Fernando Alonso and secure third place in the Drivers’ Championship once the second half of the season begins. He is currently only one point behind.

Hamilton’s Future at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton has announced that his upcoming Mercedes contract is nearing completion, ending any speculation about his potential departure from the Silver Arrows.

The seven-time World Champion’s current contract extends until the end of 2023, but finalizing a new agreement has taken longer than anticipated. Initially, a new deal was expected to be completed during the winter break preceding the 2023 season. However, this proved not to be the case.

Throughout the first half of 2023, both Hamilton and Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff emphasized that a new contract would be reached, but there was no urgency to expedite the process. The negotiations are almost complete, as Hamilton disclosed that the new contract is on the verge of being signed.