Celebrities’ Perspectives on Technology and Social Media

Celebrities today are often comfortable using technology and need to have a presence on social media. Some celebrities crave the attention they receive on social media and tend to overuse it. Others understand the risks of over-involvement. They believe it can be toxic to mental health. There’s agreement that finding a balance when using social media is essential. Celebrities in the field of technology believe in its power for good. They also realize that it comes with challenges and risks.

Technology has changed celebrity culture

Advances in technology have brought changes to celebrity culture. Celebrities find it easier to connect with fans and followers today. In the past fans had to read magazines to find out more about celebrities. Today celebs can use their smartphones to create and distribute content. It is easy to take photographs and shoot videos. They will even edit their own videos and post them straight to social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

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Technology has pros and cons for celebrities

Technology can be a great tool in the hands of celebrities. It gives them immediacy and influence. It also puts them only a tweet away from their fans. One wrong move could be disastrous. They have to follow a fine line when it comes to involvement.

Social media platforms and social networking offer freedom to celebrities to promote themselves. They can take a quick photo or shoot a video at any time with their smartphones. The ease of use and convenience also mean that social media can become an addiction for them. It can be difficult to find a balance. While it offers certain benefits, becoming too dependent on it can be destructive.

Digital addiction and mental health

A number of high-profile celebrities are voicing their concerns about digital addiction and mental health.

Musician Ed Sheeran is just one of many celebrities who decided he needed a digital detox. He realized that he was seeing the world through a screen and it was time to disconnect for a while.

Selena Gomez took a 90-day break from her mobile phone and social media. She said she felt depressed when she looked at all the amazing, beautiful people on social media. Her opinion was that social media can be great in a moment but celebrities need to be careful and have time limits for when to use it.

Justin and Hailey Bieber are vocal about the anxiety that social media can add to lives. Hailey talks about taking breaks from social media because just going on Instagram can heighten her anxiety. She says it’s hard to focus on your mental health when people tear apart your relationship or your job.


Kerry Washington says social media gives everyone a voice. However, always watching other people’s lives means you may miss out on your own life.

Kim Kardashian is constantly seen on social media but she is also an advocate of having a digital detox at times.

Technology can enhance real-life interaction but it can also detract from it. Many celebrities believe that people using technology need to do so consciously.

Technology – a double-edged sword

Tech celebrities promote the positive aspects of technology and yet they are aware that it also comes with certain risks. Amongst the 10 greatest tech leaders of all time are Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, Steve Jobs who co-founded Apple and Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba. All of these tech celebrities are strong advocates of technology to improve human lives. However, they are also aware that it creates certain challenges.

A controversial figure and one of the most famous people in technology is Elon Musk. He often warns about the need for responsible development and regulation of AI technologies. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google LLC says it’s important to ensure that AI technologies benefit everyone and don’t concentrate power unduly.


Social media and technology are tools celebrities can use in positive ways. They can cut out the middleman and relate directly to fans. However, they need to find a balance because overuse can affect their mental health. Celebrities in tech agree that technology comes with positive benefits for humans but also brings challenges and risks.