A Look at the World’s Most Popular Games

Twenty years ago, many people still considered the gaming industry to be a bit niche. Even though consoles like Nintendo and Xbox were incredibly popular, not all those in the pop culture zeitgeist considered video games a lasting pastime. Fast forward to 2023 and gaming is one of the biggest influences in the entertainment sphere.

And plenty of celebrities are involved. One of the most high-profile examples is the current The Witcher franchise. The books were originally written throughout the 1980s and 90s before being flipped into a PC game in the early 2000s. Henry Cavill, of Superman fame, took on the lead role in the Netflix reprisal—which he did because he loved playing The Witcher PC games.

This type of intersection is only going to become more common. In fact, there are currently rumors that Cavill will take on another gaming-to-screen role. Piggybacking on the success of The Witcher are new projects, too, from the Super Mario film to The Last of Us series—both based on popular video games.

With more celebrities (and especially Hollywood) paying close attention to the gaming industry, let’s look back at some of the top titles on the market today. We’ll focus on PC and console titles—but we’ll also branch out into other territories. After all, as gaming expands, there are tons of new genres and categories to sample.

Old-School Games like Roulette

Most people imagine busy casino floors when they picture something like roulette. However, as with video games, most players are now accessing fully digitized versions of more traditional games. These are available on virtual platforms that use features like random number generators to mimic the real experience of the casino floor. And given roulette has been around for centuries, it’s not surprising that it’s also a popular choice for virtual casino players.

But what makes roulette stand out? Though it’s known for its spinning wheel and racing white ball, the game actually involves quite a bit of strategy. Based on mathematical probabilities, players can tinker with new tactics and approaches. It adds an element of intellectual challenge to the excitement.

RPGs like Elden Ring

Role-playing games (RPGs) let players step into the shoes of a character and fully dive into their world. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, for example, is a standout RPG—along with other major titles like Red Dead Redemption and The Elder Scrolls.

Elden Ring takes players into an expansive and incredibly hostile world, one that provides unexpected boss battles that challenge players in insane ways. Like most RPGs, Elden Ring is a fantasy project—but it keeps things highly unpredictable with a strong dash of weird.

Photo By Pavel Danilyuk

 Puzzles like Portal 2

A puzzle game can take on many shapes and forms. Many, for example, are ‘casual’ mobile games (which we’ll cover more below). However, some take the art to new heights. That’s the case with Portal 2, a sci-fi PC game that takes players into the farthest reaches of space—and onto a highly complex spaceship.

To advance, players must wield portals and move between them with plenty of sci-fi-heavy tools, from light bridges to lasers. The game even includes a ‘co-op’ mode (cooperative) which lets them solve puzzles alongside AI-powered characters like Atlas and P-Body.

 Casual Titles like Monument Valley

So far, we’ve covered a wide range of video games, from PC and console titles to traditional casino games. Lastly, let’s focus on mobile titles, many of which are casual. These games are preferred by players because they help them pass the time and relax, meaning their challenges aren’t quite as hardboiled as those mentioned above.

Monument Valley goes above and beyond the typical casual title. It’s a puzzle game that includes plenty of visual appeal, similar to a match-three title like Candy Crush Saga or a farm simulator like Stardew Valley. The magic of these games is that they create a highly rewarding and simple series of challenges for players. In Monument Valley, players must navigate visually complex mazes in order to advance.