Tory Lanez Called Adin Ross for Birthday Wishes

Tory Lanez, the Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter, has been making headlines recently for his alleged phone call to Adin Ross, a popular Twitch streamer, to wish him a happy birthday from prison. The news has caused a stir among fans of both artists, with many expressing their admiration for the two

In his tweet, Tory Lanez wrote, “Happy birthday to my lil bro @adinross ! Keep killin it young king !!” The tweet was accompanied by a picture of the two artists together, with Adin Ross holding up a bottle of champagne. The tweet quickly went viral, with fans of both artists sharing it across social media platforms.

The tweet from Tory Lanez is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, it highlights the growing influence of Twitch streamers and content creators in the entertainment industry. Adin Ross has built a large following on Twitch by streaming video games and other content, and his popularity has led to collaborations with other artists and celebrities.

Secondly, the tweet from Tory Lanez shows the power of social media in connecting artists and fans. Twitter has become a popular platform for artists to connect with their fans and share updates on their work, and the tweet from Tory Lanez is a great example of this.

Adin Ross Say Thanks to Tory Lanez For Birthday Message

I couldn’t believe it when I heard that Tory Lanez, despite being behind bars, managed to make a phone call to Adin Ross on his birthday. Adin, who celebrated his birthday on October 11, shared with a friend that Tory called him from prison to extend his birthday wishes “Thanks bro, it was my birthday,” Adin began, recounting the unexpected call. “Tory Lanez called me in jail and wished me a happy birthday, that was kinda crazy. He called me and he was like, ‘Yo bro, you think I would forget?’ I was taken aback. It was insane. W Tory, Free Tory, bro, he literally called me on my birthday. That’s insane.”

It’s no secret that Tory and Adin share a close bond. They’ve streamed together in the past, and Adin has been vocal about defending Tory, especially during his controversial shooting case with Megan Thee Stallion. Their friendship has faced its fair share of criticism online, with Adin receiving backlash for his comments about Megan and his unwavering support for Tory. “I’ma talk on the situation, real quick,” Adin stated, addressing his “Free Tory” comment on Megan’s post. He firmly believes there’s “no evidence” against Tory and isn’t afraid to voice his opinion. “I’m not apologizing for anything. It’s still free Tory. Free him. He’s innocent. Alright? I don’t care! I’ve been canceled for way worse. This is not even bad, what I’m saying. I hate this stuff, bro.”

It’s clear that the bond between Tory and Adin is unbreakable, even with prison bars between them. For more updates on Tory Lanez and Adin Ross, stay tuned.