Meet Thomas Milic Parents Joe Milic and Stephanie Milic: Explore more about nationality

Whether you like Ice Hockey or are a casual sports lover, you must have heard about Thomas Milic. He is a Canadian Goal tender for Ice-Hockey and is widely famous for his outstanding performance in the 2023 World Hocket Junior Series.

However, this write-up is not at all about Thomas Milic. Here, we’ll discuss his parents, Joe Milic and Stephanie Milic, and dive into their nationality. So, what’s stopping you? Scroll down the page to the end, and get to know everything about this Ice-Hockey champion’s parents.

A Glimpses to Joe Milic and Stephanie Milic

Without further ado, let’s share a quick glimpse of Joe Milic (father of Thomas Milic) and Stephanie Milic (mother of Thomas Milic), to get a better idea. Both his parents hold Canadian nationality and lead a simple life, away from the media spotlight.

Father Joe is a vice president at Wealth Management Group, in Vancouver, while mother, Stephanie, is a housewife. Thomas Milic was born to Stephanie and Joe Milic on April 14, 2003, and was raised alongside his elder sister, Kirsten, in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

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Who is Joe Milic?

Father of Thomas Milic

Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s explore this Ice-Hockey champion’s parents individually to dig a little deeper into their lives.

Joe Milic is a hardworking man and a proud father to Thomas Milic. His calm and supportive nature is what Thomas always appreciated in his interviews. Regarding his occupation, Joe Milic works as a Vice President at Wealth Management Group under National Bank Financial, in Vancouver. He has been serving this designation for the past nine years and is always applauded for being a reputed employee ever since.

Joe Milic is known to have around 20 years of experience in the financial field, working as a Certified Financial Planner, CFP. His job is to offer financial advice based on the standards and ethical practices at the national and international levels.

Besides, he holds the position of Canadian Investment Manager and is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Insititute. What a coincidence!! Both father and son are serving national duties, one way or the other.

If you dig deep into Joe Milic’s educational background, you must be amazed to know that Joe has completed his education at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Commerce. He then joined the monetary sector in 1996.

A Brief Overview of Stephanie Milic

Mother of Thomas Milic

Enough of Thomas Milic’s father, Joe Milic. It’s time to shift your focus to the iron lady, Stephanie Milic. Mother Stephanie is a housewife who loves caring and looking after her family and children. Like Thomas’s father, Stephanie has always supported his son and motivated him to perform better in his life and sports.

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She is currently active on Facebook and loves cheering for Thomas. But since she hasn’t uploaded much information on her social media handle yet, we have no idea about her education or qualification.

Speaking of her background, Stephanie Milic is the daughter of Bob and Pat Pointer. However, this information isn’t confirmed yet, and we are still searching for more about Stephanie to fulfill our reader’s requirements. We’ll update the post as soon as we find further information about the mother Stephanie Milic.

Joe and Stephanie Milic Nationality

Regarding Joe and Stephanie Milic nationality, the couple holds Canadian nationality and has been living in British Columbia since their early days.

Do Joe and Stephanie Milic support Thomas Milic’s Passion?

Yes, and we’ve no second thoughts about that. Joe and Stephanie have always stood for Thomas’s passion for Ice-Hockey. They support their son from the early days and cheer for him from the sidelines, as he plays in his school hockey team.

Moreover, they often attend Thomas’s matches and applaud their son’s performance from the stands. Joe even explained how proud he and his wife are of their son in an interview with Seattle Thunderbirds.

He also highlighted the qualities of the group as a better platform for their son. Additionally, he also appreciated Thomas for putting his 100% effort into the game since he was a child. Joe also praised his son for his diligence in the game and hardworking nature. Joe Milic and Stephanie Milic were too excited when Thomas got the chance to play for the Top Junior League in the world.

Their support for Thomas is pretty clear from his performance. Joe always motivated his son to follow his passions and never held him back for any reason. Being a father, he offered everything he could to bring Thomas’s dream into reality. This Ice-Hockey champion himself confessed about the support and motivation offered by his parents from the early beginning, and how grateful he is now.

Is Thomas the only child of Joe and Stephanie Milic?

No. In addition to Thomas Milic, Joe and Stephanie Milic have one more child, their daughter, Kirsten Milic. She is an elder sister to Thomas and spent her childhood alongside her brother and parents in Coquitlam.

Kirsten is a BBA graduate and attended high school in her hometown. Joe and Stephanie’s daughter is highly active on social media handles, including Facebook and Instagram However, like her mother Stephanie, she also prefers keeping her life private and away from media reach.

Lesser-Known Facts About Thomas Milic Parents

Looking for more? Here’s a quick rundown of some lesser-known facts about Joe Milic and Stephanie Milic.

  • It is rumored that Stephanie Milic is the oldest daughter of her parents, Bob and Pat Pointer.
  • Speaking of Thomas’s family, he also has an aunt, Susan Milic, who often shares posts about Thomas Milic and his performance during matches.
  • Thomas’s mother, Stephanie, and sister, Kirsten, are active on Instagram and Facebook. They often post family pictures or other updates about Thomas’s events on their social media handles.
  • Kirsten Milic attended the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University and earned a BBA degree in 2022.


Q. Who is Thomas Milic?

Ans. Thomas Milic is a Canadian Ice-Hockey player.

Q. What is Thomas Milic Nationality?

Ans. Since Thomas Milic was born to Canadian parents in Coquitlam, BC, he holds Canadian nationality.

Q. How many kids do Joe Milic and Stephanie Milic have?

Ans. Joe and Stephanie Milic have two kids, Thomas and Kirsten.

Q. Is Stephanie Milic graduated?

Ans. Yes, of course. Although we don’t know much about her education, it is speculated that she was good in her studies and graduated with good scores.

Q. Has Stephanie Milic ever attended Thomas matches?

Ans. Absolutely, Yes. Stephanie and Joe are often seen in the stands, cheering for their son.

Key Takeaway

That’s all about Thomas Milic’s parents, Joe Milic and Stephanie Milic. We hope this article has helped you explore the information about these celebrity parents. While getting a lot of searches about a celebrity spouse is pretty common, it’s quite surprising that fans are eagerly searching about Thomas Milic’s parents.

Thomas is undoubtedly blessed with kind-hearted and hardworking parents who have always supported and motivated their son. Thomas’s success speaks everything about his parents’ support and his hardship. Both Joe and Thomas are alike in terms of their performing their national duty. While Joe is an expert in offering financial advice nationally and internationally, Thomas is doing extremely well in the Top Junior League. His mother is a housewife and his sister is recently graduated.

Do you like our research? If so, share your feedback in the comments below and we will love to hear from you. For more such celebrity updates, please get in touch with us.