Cory Chase 42 years model said “Bedding younger men is empowering”

Cory Chase, 42, is a model and adult film actress with Vixen Media Group who loves to sleep with young men. She admits they’re “cute” and said it can be super empowering to take control in the bedroom

Men are known to fantasize about having sex with older women. One of the women who appears in their sultry ideas might be Cory Chase.

The 42-year-old model and adult film star began creating sultry footage with her spouse, but recently she’s started sleeping with younger men.

She recently starred in the latest season of MILFY and talked candidly about her experiences having sex with younger guys.

Younger guys can be “cute,” according to Cory, who has spilled the beans on what it’s like to hit the sack with them.
However, it appears that the males still have a lot to learn about intimacy.

“I first stepped into the adult industry because my boyfriend at the time (and now husband, Luke) and I were making our own content for our private collection,” Cory Chase stated in an exclusive interview with Daily Star.

In 2003, we began recording our sex encounters. The act of knowing I was being watched or filmed and then having the opportunity to view it later switched on a switch for me, I found.

“My early days began here, on a website named “hot girlfriend” for Southern Charms, where we started uploading images.

Cory Chase 42 years model said "Bedding younger men is empowering"

At this point, I began to consider making it my pastime in case I loved it.

“It was officially released in 2007 after I filmed my first mainstream scene in 2005.

“In 2009, I decided to quit my 9 to 5 job and started making content for my clip sites full-time.”

Regarding working with younger males, Cory mentioned that their desires are often “polar opposites”.

She claimed that they find it appealing that an older woman would mentor them and give them advice on how to please their partner in bed.

Conversely, she stated that they could also strive to be the “best thing she’s ever had” and believe they are all-knowing.

“It is always so over the top and ill-performed, but I try to redirect them as quickly as possible,” she stated.

“I like younger men. They are always very cute, even though they might be bold, timid, or daring at times. Being so young, impressionable, and malleable, kids have no idea what they want and are willing to try everything.

“Young guys, in my opinion, are erratic; they enjoy dominating one moment and switching to a sub the next.

“I’m sure the reason is because they want to do everything they’ve ever seen in films in one session, and they are with an experienced older woman who has refined her talents over the years.

“That’s what makes them so cute.”

She went on to explain that she enjoys lending a hand to them.

She enjoys nothing more than teaching men how to “worship” a certain female body part.

This might be teaching them how to treat someone personally, or it could be a fetish they have.

“My most recent scenes for Vixen Media Group’s new website MILFY, which highlights the power dynamics between self-assured MILFs and younger men, bring this dynamic to life,” Cory stated.

Being with a younger man gives you a lot of empowerment. I adore being able to guide the session so that in the end, everyone has fun. Is it egocentric?

In my opinion, no. In order to maybe carry on that kindness and consent to a younger generation, I’ve learned to be very vocal in my intimate relationships and say things I enjoy and detest.”