Who is Jamie Foxx Ex-girlfriend Kristin Grannis? Bio, Age, Relationship, Break Up

Kristin Grannis is a prominent character in the world of influential people, celebrated for her remarkable achievements and fascinating life story. Let’s dive into the intriguing life of Kristin, from her early days in Phoenix, Arizona, to her unexpected connection with Jamie and their adorable daughter, Annalise Bishop.

Know Quick Facts About Kristin Grannis

Famous As Jamie Foxx Ex-girlfriend
Profession Marriage and Family Therapist
Date of Birth January 4, 1977
Age as of 2024 55-year-old
Place of Birth USA
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Religion Christan
Ethnicity Caucasian

Who is Kristin Grannis? 

A picture of Jamie Foxx and his ex-girlfriend Kristin Grannis was seen. Together, they have a daughter named Annalise Bishop. Kristin Grannis was born on January 4, 1977, and is considered American. She is 53 years old. Richard Grannis, her father, is American, but no one knows who her mother is.

Who is Kristin Grannis? 

Kristin works as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Agoura Hills, California. She is an expert at helping people who are having problems with things like anxiety, sadness, and relationships. Kristin knows how to use many different types of therapy, such as attachment-based therapy, brain spotting, cognitive behavioural therapy, compassion-focused therapy, and ways that are sensitive to other cultures.

Early Life

Kristin Grannis is a proud American born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. After high school, she attended Antioch University in California to continue her studies. In 2012, she earned a Master’s in Arts. Kristin then got her license to work as a Marriage and Family Therapist, which she did with great dedication and love.

Even though Kristin is friends with a Hollywood star, she has kept her personal life a secret, which makes her story more mysterious. 

Who is Jamie Foxx?

Award-winning actor and all-around artist Jamie Foxx has shown us his exceptional skills. From the funny movie “In Living Color” to the touching biopic “Ray,” Foxx’s career in show business has been nothing short of amazing. In the world of show business, Jamie Foxx is a real star. He has won many awards, including the Academy Award and the Golden Globe.

who is Jamie-foxx

Kristin and Jamie: A Love Story Unfolded

We all know Jamie Foxx as a great actor who can do a lot of different types of movies, from comedies to dramas to even superhero movies.

He first became famous on the sketch comedy show In Living Color. When that show ended in 1994, he made his own show, The Jamie Foxx Show, which ran from 1996 to 2001.

In 2017, Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx’s relationship became public, putting light on a relationship that had been going on for ten years. Even though they are no longer together, they still share special times, especially with their daughter, Annalise Bishop.

Their daughter Annalise, born on October 3, 2009, is the joy of their lives. She is a great soccer player who wants to make it big and is the best of her parents’ worlds. Even though Annalise’s parents’ relationship is complicated, she seems to have had a loving and supportive childhood. 

Why did Jamie Foxx break up with Kristian Grannis?

Kristin and Foxx’s breakup was kept secret, just like their romance. In a quiet move, they chose to go their separate ways, leaving fans wondering why they broke up. Even though they never said why, Kristin’s dad, Richard, said that Foxx’s past relationships with famous people might have had something to do with their choice.

Family Ties

Even though there have been ups and downs, the Foxx-Grannis family has stayed close. The fact that Jamie, Kristin, and Annalise are a family shows every time they go to Disneyland or spend the holidays together. They were united when Jamie had a health scare in 2023. Kristin and Annalise were by his side, showing their closeness as a family.

Love, family, and strength are essential in the worlds of Kristin Grannis, Jamie Foxx, and Annalise Bishop. People don’t want to talk about Kristin’s personal life, but the little we know about her shows that she values family and personal growth, even though she is famous. 

Kristin Grannis Daughter

Kristin Grannis and her ex-boyfriend Jamie Foxx have a child together. Annalise Bishop, their daughter, was born on October 3, 2008, and they live together.

Who is Kristin Grannis Dating Now? 

Most of Kristin’s success came from her relationship with actor Jamie Foxx. Since they broke up, she has decided to live a private life away from the public eye. Unlike many others, she stays away from social media and her fans.

We don’t know who Kristin is meeting now that she is divorced from Foxx. People think she may have found a boyfriend and is happy, but nothing is for sure until she publicly talks about her relationship.

Life Today

Since her split with Jamie Foxx, Kristin has raised her daughter, Annalise Bishop, from their home in Agoura Hills, California. Annalise is in her care. Despite rumours that she may be considering a career comeback, she has yet to make an official announcement.

Jamie provides Kristin with financial assistance. Richard, her father, hopes things will improve once she can support herself financially again.

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FAQs About Kristin Grannis

Q1. What is Kristin Grannis’s profession?

  • American marriage and family therapist in Agoura Hills, California. She specialises in attachment-based, brain-spotting, cognitive-behavioural, and compassion-focused therapy. She specializes in anxiety, depression, and relationships.

Q2. What is Kristin Grannis’ background and early life?

  • She attended Antioch University in California after being born in Phoenix, Arizona, on January 4, 1977. She received her Master’s in Arts and became a registered Marriage and Family Therapist in 2012. Despite her closeness with Jamie Foxx, she keeps her personal life private. 

Q3. How long had Jamie Foxx and Kristin Grannis been in a relationship?

  • Jamie Foxx and Kristin Grannis dated ten years before going public in 2017. Their breakdown and decision to split were kept quiet.

Q4. Who is Annalise Bishop, and when was she born?

  • Jamie Foxx and Kristin Grannis had Annalise Bishop. She was born on October 3, 2009, and despite her parents’ troubled relationship, she had a loving and supportive childhood, playing soccer and pursuing a great career.

Q5. Is Kristin Grannis currently dating anyone after her breakup with Jamie Foxx?

  • Her personal life has been private since her breakup with Jamie Foxx. She avoids social media and does not disclose her dating status. She may have a boyfriend, but she must confirm it publicly.

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