Who is Amouranth? Controversy, Leaked Photos, Videos, Career & More

Amouranth is a webcam model and an internet celebrity who caught the eyes of a vast number of celebrities due to her stunning beauty. She is also one of the most famous Twitch streamers and a cosplayer. Like a few celebrities, some of her nude images and videos are leaked from Onlyfans. Although the authority took immediate steps regarding the issue, it damaged the privacy of most internet personalities. 

Who is Amouranth?

Kaitlyn Siragusa is famous as Amouranth, an American celebrity and webcam actress. She is one of the most popular streamers on social media platforms who showed her efficiency in making videos. Moreover, she has millions of fans on her account. Recently, some of her images and videos have leaked from her social media accounts. 

Who is Amouranth?

Quick Things to Know About Amouranth

Full Name Kaitlyn Siragusa
Known As Amouranth
Occupation Webcam model, internet celebrity, Twitch streamer, cosplayer
Leaked Content Nude photos and videos leaked from OnlyFans
Career Highlights – Started as a cosplayer
– Received proposal from Twitch for making content
– Became one of the most-watched streaming figures on Twitch by 2021
Notable Skills Dancing skills, ASMR, Hothub streaming content on Twitch
Twitch Bans Banned multiple times; account banned in 2021 for the fifth time
OnlyFans Earnings Reportedly earning over $33 million at a point in time
Other Ventures – Owned a gas station in 2022
– Owned a pool toy company
– Worked with renowned webcam personalities
Controversies – Twitch bans for suggestive content; suspended multiple times
– Nude image and video leaks from OnlyFans

Career of Amouranth 

When it comes to the career of Amouranth, she began as a cosplayer who played the role of caring for children and doing hospital visits. This led her to get a proposal from Twitch for making versatile content on their platforms. In 2015, she started making videos on Twitch, and by 2021, she became one of the most-watched streaming figures on Twitch. Her Twitch account was banned multiple times, but these couldn’t replace her from her position. 

Amouranth gained popularity for her dancing skills, ASMR, and Hothub streaming content on Twitch. She claimed that Twitch had cut her off from advertising revenue without any notice or explanation. Later on, the platform’s authority gave it back to her, but it reduced her revenue more than earlier. 

Amouranth Career

In 2021, her account was banned for 5th time from Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok. According to reports, she was earning more than 33 million dollars at the very time from OnlyFans. She shared most of her success stories and events on her Instagram account. 

According to sources, she bought a gas station in 2022, and she also owned a pool toy company. As a webcam model, she also moved ahead as a model and worked with several renowned webcam personalities. In 2023, she was involved in a conflict with a Twitch streamer and a porn star Adriana Chechik. After a few months, she started working on Jerkmate and hosted the “XBIZ Creator Awards” in 2023. In the same year she also became the ambassador of Jerkmate as well as FansRevenue. 

Her nude images and videos are leaked. 

Amouranth, a webcam model, is famous for her personality and is also the most-watched streaming figure on Twitch. The leak of Amouranth’s nude images and videos brought trouble for her and other OnlyFans users, although the authorities took significant steps regarding the issue. According to reports, Amouranth is not the one but many nude images and videos of Several are leaked from OnlyFans.

Amouranth leaked photos


Amouranth faced a considerable number of challenges in her career, along with multiple controversies. Amouranth’s first Twitch ban brought enormous controversies that took three years to back the same position. Twitch platforms focus on streamers who suggest sexual opinions and content on the platform. Her Twitch has been banned multiple times for exposing herself.

Amouranth Controversy

Most of her fans were disappointed due to her Twitch ban one after another time. The last Twitch ban happened in 2023, which shrouded suspense, although it lasted for a single day. Apart from her professional damage on Twitch, it raised questions regarding the relationship between the streamers and Twitch for making frequent bans.

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Social Media 

Instagram (@Amouranth_siragusa): Amouranth has millions of followers on her social media accounts where she shares images as well as videos. She has approximately 99k followers on her Instagram account and follows four individuals. The number of posts on her Instagram is approx. 200. 

Twitter (@Amouranth): Amouranth has 4.7 million followers on her Twitter account and connects with most of her social influencers. It is one of her sources of earning money, and she shares most of the events in her life on this platform. 

social media

Facebook (@Amouranth- Kaitlyn Siragusa): Amouranth is active on Facebook, where she has created several groups for her fans. Like other platforms, she also received millions of likes on this platform. 

OnlyFans (@Amouranth): Amouranth shares most of the nude images and personal videos and images on her OnlyFans account. She is a Webcam model who shares most modeling images on this platform. Those individuals who are interested in her personal details can connect them on the OnlyFans platform. 

Social Media – Instagram: @Amouranth_siragusa (99k followers)
– Twitter: @Amouranth (4.7 million followers)
– Facebook: @Amouranth-Kaitlyn Siragusa (Millions of likes)
– OnlyFans: @Amouranth (For personal content)

Amouranth’s Height, Weight, and Figure size 

5.4 inches tall, the streaming star has an attractive figure which is 52 kg. When it comes to her body measurements, it is 34-24-35, which indicates that she has a stunning figure. It also denotes that her cup size is 24 while her but is 35. Her green eyes are unique and attractive, for which she received immense compliments. According to reports, she likes to remain original; thus, she did not operate any of her body parts to become more attractive.

Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 52 kg
Body Measurements 34-24-35 (in inches)
Cup Size 34
Eye Color Green
Surgeries No surgeries for enhancement

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