Who is Parker Schnabel Girlfriend in 2024? Check dating history and current relationship status

Parker Schnabel is an American gold explorationist featured in the cult Discovery Channel series Gold Rush. An experienced hunter and miner, Parker is passionate about his work and frequently travels with his family during his journeys to work. With an unrelenting enthusiasm to mine, Parker awed his fans with his unwavering determination and remarkable accomplishments in the field of prospecting gold.

When a celebrity on television like Parker shows up, people become eager to learn about their personal lives including Parker Schnabel Girlfriend. Schnabel’s fans have been continuously following his progress since the very first episode of Discovery’s Gold Rush.

Gold Rush

This post will examine Parker’s dating history and current relationship status at this moment. Continue Reading!

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend- A Shrouded Mystery

We found Parker Schnabel linked to several women since his relationship with Ashley Youle parted ways. In the year 2020, the Australian Gold miner, Tyler Mahoney featured in his spinoff show “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail”. The fans noticed their chemistry and formed a perception that Parker and Tyler were in a relationship.

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend

However, both never confirmed their relationship position together. In October 2021, Tyler uploaded a picture with a man on Instagram, which sparked controversies about Parker and Tyler being together in a romantic relationship.

Not only this, there is also speculation of a romance between Parker and Sheena Cowell following a picture posted on Instagram in August 2018. However, again there were no official confessions. Parker’s romance isn’t certain. He doesn’t know what the future will bring, but we’re hoping that he will find the woman who is right for Parker!

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend Dating History

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend dating history involves two relationships. Initially, he was reported to be with Ashley Youle, an Australian veterinarian who appeared on Gold Rush. However, their relationship ended due to time constraints and inattention. Next, Parker was rumored with Tyler Mahoney, an Australian gold miner, but there are no official theories about their romance.

Parker Schnabel Dating History with Ashley Youle

Even though he belongs to a well-reputed wealthy family, Parker is a man who faced a lot many challenges in his life. Here we are talking about Parker’s separation from former girlfriend, Ashley Youle. Parker felt the pain of being in love and losing one. In his interview with The New York Times, Schnabel admitted that his initial success came at a cost. It was a loss of affection. This didn’t work.” Schnabel explained.

Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel admits that Ashley was a delight however, she got herself in the way of his work. This was something Schnabel could not keep despite his exceptional work discipline. Things became more highlighted when the Discovery Channel camera first captured the couple kissing.

Ashley was attempting to steal Parker’s kisses but was smashed into the wall of bricks. Unfortunately for the camera crew, Parker discovered the plan and made things even harder for them. Ashley deleted all her pictures with Parker on her Instagram account following the breakup.

Parker Schnabel Dating History with Sheena Cowell

After moving on with his ex-girlfriend, Parker Schnabel found solace with Sheena Cowell who is a British gold miner by Knickerbocker Glory TV. Parker Schnabel Girlfriend, Sheena Cowell recently posted a romantic photo together with Parker on Instagram which makes it clear that they’re romantically linked.

Sheena Cowell

Although they share a lot in common, like an appreciation for gold mining. Their relationship is yet to go beyond professionally presented on the camera. Till now both have not been captured kissing on the camera. Also, the two denied any reports concerning their relationship.

Even after his relationship breakdown with Youle, Parker Schnabel didn’t lose his enthusiasm for gold mining. Although he’s still working hard in the Klondike, an Australian project that he started himself. 

Parker Schnabel Dating History with Tyler Mahoney

While no official announcement has been made regarding his relationship status, many viewers wonder if there could be somebody in his life who he is in a relationship with.

Tyler Mahoney

Parker Schnabel has been hard at growing his gold mining business while making sure he has a balance between the two aspects of his life which are personal and professional. Tyler Mahoney, an Australian prospector and gold miner who featured on the Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail spin-off series, has been seen with him.

While both share a number of passions, including gold mining, they are very reticent when it comes to showing affection for one another, and chances are very low that they’ll get engaged.

Parker Schnabel Real Girlfriend- Is he dating someone right now?

As per our review, Parker Schnabel doesn’t have any girlfriend in 2024. However, if he’s in a relationship or is dating someone, he probably kept his love life secret. Also, there is no official information available on whether the woman he is with is pregnant or not since he did not confess to any romantic relationship officially. However, we can see the man committed to his mining job and seldom posts about his personal life via social networks.


In conclusion, we can say that Parker Schnabel is currently single and not dating anyone. His dating history with Ashley Youle and Sheena Cowell and rumors about Tyler Mahoney depict his love-life complexities. As per our review, the Gold Rush star chooses to be single and determined towards his career. And there are no such official reports about Parker Schnabel Girlfriend 2024 available at the moment.

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