Is Leslie Jones Gay? Who is SNL Comedian dating now

Leslie Jones is a talented actress known for her roles in popular TV and movie shows like Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live. Despite receiving numerous awards nominations round the corner, the Ghostbusters actress revealed that she didn’t experience the same success in love life as in her professional life.

Although there is a lot of information about her successful career, her romantic life is an unsolved mystery. People are curious to know who Leslie Jones is dating now? Or Is Leslie Jones Gay? Continue reading to find these answers.

Is Leslie Jones Married to Kate McKinnon?

Jones and McKinnon met while shooting on SNL. Although McKinnon was an active participant on the show initially and began her journey at the age of 12, Jones joined the show in 2014 and left in the year 2019 to pursue other projects. Their friendship grew when they appeared together on SNL. However, things took off when they collaborated on Paul Feig’s remake of Ghostbusters.

Is Leslie Jones Gay

Jones and McKinnon, the duo starred in the remake of Ghostbusters. In 2018, Jones took to social media to share a picture with McKinnon performing on Twitter while adding the caption- Kate McKinnon, I love you.

The close relationship and adoring moments that the duo shared on red carpets and in social media was misinterpreted as a romantic relationship by their fans. They tried to keep it a mystery when they were incorrectly accused of getting married during January 2021.

However, things took a turn when Visage verified Abbott as McKinnon’s girlfriend, after posting a group photo on Instagram. McKinnon publicly came out as gay in 2020 during her presentation to Ellen DeGeneres with the Carol Burnett Award at the 2020 Golden Globes.

On the contrary, Jones confirmed that she was not gay, but joked that she was the worst lesbian during her appearance on Conan. It is important to realize that when two people share a good relationship, communicate often, and laugh together, it doesn’t always mean that they are romantically linked.

Is Leslie Jones Gay? Real or Rumor

Gay reports don’t seem to be going away from Leslie Jones’ life very soon. While she did not declare herself as a gay, it didn’t stop any gossip about Leslie Jones is Gay. Before we discuss the reasons people believe she is a gay, let us clear that Leslie Jones is straight and acknowledged it in numerous interviews.

The reason why people are doubting- Is Leslie Jones Gay, is mostly due to her close relationship with Kate McKinnon. The first comedian who openly appeared as gay on SNL is Kate McKinnon. She’s been open about being gay.

Leslie Jones

Kate is way too close to Leslie that’s why their pictures make them appear to be in a romantic relationship. Most of her followers believed that she and Kate McKinnon were dating. However, neither of the two gave any official confessions regarding their relationship. Additionally, The Just for Laughs comedian has always expressed an attraction to males. Therefore, it’s pretty clear that she’s not gay.

The talented comedy star hasn’t been seen with females in the past despite numerous claims to the contrary. She cleared doubts about her sexual preferences by describing the qualities of her dream man.

She has been involved in romantic relationships in a relationship with American comic and actor Kyle Mooney.

Still Single Leslie Jones Says She Has Terrible Luck With Men

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live with her comedy co-stars Mellisa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and McKinnon in the film Ghostbusters: Answer the Call, Jones confessed that she’s in search of a boyfriend.

She explains that she outlined a few qualities that she desires in her dream man. She learned these strategies from Wiig who got into a relationship this way. Jones looks over some qualities on the four-page checklist she has throughout the day. She found the list that said he had a beautiful smile, good teeth, and a functioning phallus.

Leslie Jones is single

Next, while appearing on the TBS talk show- Connan, Jones described her personality, that she is hunting a guy who inspires her to laugh and that it’s not difficult to get her smile, as she enjoys the most absurd things. She added that she loves men who are funny.

When we witness her bond with her coworkers, we can see that people who believe Leslie Jones is Gay is a lie, thanks to a few comedy sketches. However, the Ghostbusters star clarified these speculations. She claimed that she has a partner as one of her co-stars in Conan, but later denied it in another Twitter post. She also added that she believes it’s not true and that she is having terrible luck in that regard.


It’s not a secret that Leslie Jones is straight. We can believe this as she expressed the desire to have boyfriends in several interviews. When it comes to discussing Leslie Jones’ personal life, the comedian always maintained a mystery. She has never opened about having a special one in her life. Thus, her single life is quite visible as she is working hard in her career, and she is not gay.

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