Is Kenny Chesney Gay? Truth or Rumors about Country Star’s Sexuality

Kenny Chesney is a famous Country music singer, guitarist, and songwriter. He has won several awards and accolades and is best known for several music albums. However, fame often comes with controversies, and that’s true in the case of Kenny Chesney. This article is about the sexuality of Chesney Sexuality, Is Kenny Chesney Gay?

This Tennessee native country singer is highly associated with long-standing gay rumors. So, is Kenny Chesney gay or just a supporter? If he’s not, then where did these rumors start from? If you want to know the answers to all these questions, this guide is for you.

Scroll down the page and explore Kenny’s sexual orientation with us. In this write-up, we will discuss if Kenny Chesney is gay and his dating history. Let’s begin.

Kenny Chesney Wiki & Bio

Before we jump into Kenny Chesney’s sexuality, let’s take a quick overview of this famous Country star. While we assume you know about Kenny, a short introduction about this singer is a good headstart for our new readers.

Is Kenny Chesney gay

Fully Name Kenneth Arnold Chesney
Nickname Bubba, Kenny Chesney, Hillbilly Rockstar
Birth Date 26 March 1968
Age 55
Height 5’8”
Net Worth $190 million
Zodiac Sign Aries

What is Kenny Chesney’s Sexual Orientation?

Let’s return to our original topic – what is Kenny Chesney’s sexual orientation? Kenny tied the nuptial knot with actress Renee Zellweger in 2005, and this marriage is pretty much enough to state this singer’s sexuality. The couple was in love at that time, and their romance was hidden from none.

But their relationship vanished almost as quickly as it had started. They filed for divorce just four months after their marriage. The annulment went into effect in December. And that’s where the rumors of him being gay come into effect. The couple stated “fraud” as the reason for their decision, and everyone linked the word “fraud” with Kenny’s sexuality.

His exact statement was – We thought the least harmful was a fraud because it’s kind of board – doesn’t specify. And Boy, we were wrong.

That single statement created tons of doubts and questions in everyone’s minds. Many thought the word Fraud was referring to the country star, Kenny himself, implying that he is gay. Although Renne, Kenny’s ex-wife, stated that they only meant fraud in the legal sense, it was too late to stop the rumors.

As a result, the rumors about his sexuality spread like wildfire and made people think about him being gay. This country singer is often put in the precarious position of having to clarify what’s true and advocate for those who do happen to be gay.

Is Kenny Chesney Gay?

Is Kenny Chesney gay

The answer is simple NO. Kenny Chesney has straight sexuality, and he has never been interested in men. Kenny himself cleared this rumor by saying he is not gay. He also believed that he didn’t want to draw much attention to this topic and hence never addressed it before. But now the rumor is turning into reality, and it’s time for some clarifications.

Kenny once said in an interview that when he and Renee filed an annulment, they found the best reason for settling this legal thing by selecting the “fraud” option. He also opened up with the fact that they thought Fraud was the least harmful, but they were absolutely wrong. This one word had almost destroyed his reputation.

Fans all over the world came up with multiple theories explaining Renne cited Fraud as the reason for the annulment. And the most popular theory was that Kenny was secretly gay. His ex-wife, Renee attempted to shut down these rumors but fans being fans hadn’t stopped. Kenny also said that he would have clarified his sexual orientation earlier in one of his interviews with 60 Minutes. In 2009, he told Playboy magazine that he had multiple girls who could testify that he was not gay.

He also regretted his decision of annulment, and it was the major thing that gave birth to all these rumors. Kenny said that he and Renee should have pursued divorce rather than annulment, as it could have saved him from this public humiliation.

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Kenny Chesney Relationship History

Kenny Chesney with wife

Since now you are aware of Kenny’s sexuality, let’s explore his love life and dating partners to confirm that he is not gay and is interested in women only.

However, aside from his relationship and marriage to the well-known actress, Renee Zellweger, Kenny has preferred keeping his love life mostly out of the media reach. And because of his elusiveness about his romantic partners, many have also wondered about this country star’s sexuality over the years. Let’s begin his dating history with his ex-wife, Renee.

  • Renne Zellweger

Kenny met Reee at the NBC’s concert of Hope in January 2005. The couple started dating quickly and kept their relationship open to the public. During one of the Kenny’s live performance in Jacksonville, Florida, Renee showed up on stage and delivered him a kiss and margarita.

Just a week ago after this event, Renee and Kenny tied a knot in a secret ceremony, with just over 30 guests in attendance. However, their romance didn’t go well afterward, and the couple started facing opinion differences soon after making this lifelong commitment. Their honeymoon phase was soon over, and so did their marriage. The couple filed for annulment merely four months after marriage, leaving their fans disappointed. Three months later, their annulment was finalized in December 2005, and the story of young, passionate couple ended.

  • Amy Colley

Everything got changed after divorce with Renee but the show must go on. Hence, after the divorce, he started a relationship with Amy Colley, who was Miss Tennesse 2005. She also worked as a burn-unit nurse. The couple were often spotted vacationing in the Malibu and Bahamas, and mostly kept their relationship out of the public eye. They were together for two years. However, their relationship also came with an expiry date and the couple got separated after enjoying their honeymoon phase for two years.

  • Jenn Brown

Soon after leaving Amy Colley, the Country singer soon spotted with ESPN broadcaster, Jenn Brown, in Cancun. Both started dating in 2010 and kept their relationship secret. However, the pair didn’t go long and got separated soon. Both has never accepted their relationship in the public and these rumors kept on lingering.

  • Sara Evans

At one point, it was speculated that he was also dating his fellow country star, Sara Evans. Sara is a famous American country music singer and songwriter. She is also notable as a record producer, actress, and author. However, Kenny discarded this rumor fully and called it ridiculous.

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Who is Kenny Chesney Dating Now?

Who is Kenny Chesney Dating Now
Who is Kenny Chesney Dating Now

Enough of the past, let’s now move on to Kenny Chesney’s present and find out about his current love partner. It is reported that the country singer has been dating Mary Nolan since the last decade. The two have been extremely secretitive about their relationship. Unlike Kenny who is a famous country singer, Mary Nolan isn’t that famous and therefore, very little is know about this Kenny’s love interest.

In 2014, Kenny Chesney accompany by Mary Nolan as his date to the American Country Countdown Awards in Nashville, and she sat beside him in the audience. Mary was also seen by Kenny’s side at the CMA awards and gave him a congratulatory kiss when he was awarded the Pinnacle Award at the show.

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Interesting Facts about Kenny Chesney

Still want to dig more into this country star’s life? Scroll down and find some lesser-known yet interesting facts about Kenny Chesney.

  • It is speculated that Kenny Chesney wrote his first song for a girl in hopes of being with her. And that’s when his music got its first rejection.
  • He likes to bite his nails ever since he was a kid.
  • Kenny Chesney is quite choosy about his assistants and other people surrounding him. Hence, he often hires people by asking about their families. Weird, but true.
  • He was also linked to one of his tour mates, namely Miranda Lambert. But that also turned out to be a rumor.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Is Kenny Chesney married?

Ans. No, Kenny Chesney is currently not married to anyone. But he has been dating Mary Nolan since 2012.

Q. How does Mary Nolan, Kenny’s present girlfriend, look like?

Ans. Mary Nolan is an American with blue eye color and blonde hair color.

Q. What was Kenny’s debut album?

Ans. Kenny’s debut album was “In My Wildest Dreams”, released in 1994.

Q. What is Kenny Chesney’s net worth?

Ans. Kenny Chesney’s net worth is between $180 to $190 million.

Q. How many children does Kenny have?

Ans. Kenny Chesney has no children yet.

Final Takeaway

That’s all about Kenny Chesney’s sexuality. We hope our guide has cleared all your doubts about – is Kenny Chesney gay. Controversy and fame go hand in hand, and this fact applies well to Kenny Chesney. Suppressing the much-publicized rumor, Kenny Chesney states that the only fraud he might have committed was that he thought he know what it was going to be like being married.

So, the moral of this write-up is simple and clear, Kenny Chesney is not gay and is currently dating his long-term girlfriend, Mary Nolan. For more such interesting facts and gossip, keep visiting the page and stay tuned with us.