How did Tina Turner died? The cause of death explained

Tina Turner, the prominent American-born Swiss Singer, always stood as an unprecedented force in the realm of music, captivating millions with her empowering personality and melodious voice. However, this unbreakable spirit took its final bow on 24 May 2023, like any other mortal soul.

The unfortunate news of her demise left the world in mourning and seeking answers about her departure. While she was suffering from a long-term illness, her fans were still not prepared to tell her a final goodbye. But since life is too uncertain and we are just puppets of the universe, no one can challenge this decision and do nothing except pay final respects to her.

So, if you are her hardcore fan and want to delve deeper into her death mystery, then keep scrolling the page and find everything about Tina Turner cause of death. While knowing the cause of her demise cannot reverse the situation, it still condoles her fans and gives them a sense of peace and calm in this unfortunate situation. So, let’s get into it.

What’s the cause of Tina Turner Death?

cause of Tina Turner Death
cause of Tina Turner Death

Let’s get straight to the point – how did Tina Turner die what are the main Tine Turner cause of death? The musical icon passed away after a long illness in her home in Kusnacht, near Zurich, Switzerland. Regarding speculations, a rep has informed media houses that Tina Turner has died of natural causes.

Long before her demise, this Swiss singer was suffering from several mental and physical ailments. She took to her Instagram handle to inform her fans that she was in great danger due to the damage to her kidneys. Tine was suffering from high blood pressure and was taking lifelong therapy with medication to cope with the trouble.

Aside from this, Tina Turner also revealed in her HBO documentary, which came out in 2021, that she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder owing to the domestic abuse she suffered in her marriage with her ex-husband and music partner, Ike Turner.

To your surprise, this music icon and prominent personality also shared information about having a stroke in 2013, three months after her second marriage to Erwin Bach. Adding to her pain and suffering is Intestinal Cancer. She was battling with this life-threatening condition in 2016 and also suffered from kidney failure in 2017.

While she kept on battling and struggling with her illness throughout her life, she finally said goodbye to the mortal world on 24th May 2023. With her departure, hearts shattered, and an outpouring of tributes flooded the media. As the news spread, curiosity mingled with sadness, prompting multiple questions about her death.

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What was Tina Turner age at the time of death?

Tina Turner age at the time of death
Tina Turner age at the time of death

Tina Turner was born on 26 November 1939 in Brownsville, Tennessee, and died on 24 May 2023. Hence, Tina Turner age was 83 years at the time of her death. Undoubtedly, she spent a long and fruitful time in this mortal world, but still, her death left her fans in shock and gloom.

The Queen of Rock n Roll, Tina Turner, was known for her exceptional vocals, dazzling style, and impressive performances. She passed away in her lavish $76 million residence in Kusnacht, Switzerland.

While she had been battling a long illness, the specifics and nature of her condition at the time of her demise were still not disclosed by her family members. As the news of Tina Turner death spread, her publicist took to Instagram to pay tribute to this legendary artist. The post read –

“Today, we say goodbye to a dear friend who leaves us all her captivating work, her music. All our heartfelt is compassion. My heart goes out to her family. We will miss you dearly” – And this post has brought a wave of shock across the music industry worldwide.

Tina Turner: Timeline of Health Issues

Legendary singer, Tina Turner has passed away at the age of 83. She died peacefully at her home on Wednesday after a long illness. While Tuner was a queen of Rock n Roll, she faced many health issues throughout her life, including strokes, kidney failure, and intestinal cancer. In addition to the physical illness, she was also diagnosed with hypertension after facing domestic abuse. Can you believe it??

Hence, we’ve outlined a quick timeline of the health issues that may have contributed to Tina Turner death. Scroll down and have a look.

  • 1978: She was diagnosed with hypertension, which means high blood pressure.
  • 2009: Tina Turner suffered a stroke due to her kidney failure and poorly controlled hypertension. In 2009. She found out that she had lost 35% of her kidneys’ function. Tina also suffered from fatigue, nausea, and irritability during this time.
  • 2013: She suffered another stroke, just three weeks after marrying her husband, Erwin Bach. Fortunately, Tina started walking again after some time.
  • 2016: Tina faced a new challenge in 2016 and was diagnosed with intestinal cancer.
  • 2017: She had a kidney transplant. Besides, she also struggled with the unpleasant effects of post-transplant in the very same year, such as feeling nauseous, dizzy, scared, and forgetful.
  • 2020: She was in good health but then stuck into the claws of the coronavirus. The pandemic hit her hard and brought a new challenge for this melodious singer.

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Q. What was Tina Turner net worth at the time of her death?

Ans. Tina Turner net worth is estimated to $250 million at the time of her death. She has not just left the legacy of groundbreaking music but also millions of dollars and impressive fortune for her family.

Q. How many kids did Tina Turner have?

Ans. Tina Tuner was a mother to four kids, namely Craig, Ike Jr., Michael, and Ronnie.

Q. What is Tina Turner height and weight at the time of her death?

Ans. Tina Turner height was 163cm or 5’6” and she weighs around 64kg at the time of her death.

Q. What are the famous songs of Tina Turner?

Ans. The list is quite long and includes several tracks, including The Best, River Deep, Proud Mary, What’s Love Got to Do With, 1984, Nutbush City Limits, and many more.

Q. What was Tina Tuner’s first movie?

Ans. She made her acting debut with The Big T.N.T Show in 1996.

Q. Why was Tina Turner famous?

Ans. She was famous for being an Amerrican singer, dancer, songwriter, and actress.

Q. Did Tina Turner had a daughter?

Ans. No, she didn’t.

Wrapping Up

Turner’s impact and influence on the music industry are hidden from none. She was always perceived as a cultural icon, and her powerful, melodious voice and electrifying stage performances touched the hearts of millions. She left behind a legacy of groundbreaking music that continues to inspire generations to come.

While she is no more between us, Tina will always be remembered and will remain in our heats. As fans and the music world mourned the loss of this out-of-the-world talent, her memory will always be cherished.

That’s all about Tina Turner death. We hope our post has helped you find the true reasons behind this massive loss. We appeal to all Tina Tuner’s fans to stay calm and composed amidst this unfortunate crisis and pray for her soul. May she rest in peace!!