Who is Caleb McLaughlin Dating Now: Caleb McLaughlin Girlfriend 2024

Caleb Mclaughlin, widely known for his part in the cult show “Stranger Things,” has been gaining immense acclaim among teenage girls. His relationship on screen with his female co-star has caused an uproar among viewers, who are eager to have the characters in real life too. His fans are continuously searching for Caleb McLaughlin Girlfriend. Are you also curious? Continue reading!

Caleb McLaughlin Girlfriend

Caleb McLaughlin Girlfriend- Who is he dating?

It seems that Caleb has not been in a relationship with anyone and there is no official update on Caleb McLaughlin Girlfriend. Caleb did not reveal that him dating anyone, however, it could be that he’s keeping the news under dim lights. There were rumors that Caleb McLaughlin Girlfriend is Sadie Sink, as fans believed this after they saw their on-screen romance in Stranger Things.

Caleb McLaughlin stranger things

However, rumors of Sink as Caleb McLaughlin Girlfriend have circulated, but neither of the two confirmed their relationship. Both kept their romance lives private. As a budding, talented actor, Caleb seems to value his privacy and has not disclosed anything regarding his love life.

Thus, his fans need to wait till officially provides any updates on his relationship shortly. Although his romantic life may not be something the 21-year-old actor has spoken out regarding, McLaughlin has opened up about the racism he encountered at the beginning of his career and how it’s something that he is confronted with even today.

Does Caleb McLaughlin have a Girlfriend- Dating Rumors with Ice Spice

We witnessed McLaughlin and Ice Spice’s first link in September 2022 after both were spotted together at a New York event hosted by Cardi B and Offset. While there isn’t much information about their relationship position, things came to light when they were spotted at the same event and got clicked together.

Further, as of June 2023, Ice Spice and McLaughlin still follow each other on Instagram. Before being linked with McLaughlin, there were rumors that she dated Drake. However, these rumors were dismissed when Drake removed Ice Spice from their Instagram account. Drake didn’t make any comments on the situation of their relationship at this time, however, Ice Spice is still following the Canadian rapper. 

Thus, there is no official indication that McLaughlin or Ice Spice have publicly addressed their relationship together.

Who is Mclaughlin’s on-screen girlfriend?

Mclaughlin became famous due to his interesting character Lucas on “Stranger Things,” a Netflix show where Mclaughlin starred alongside Sadie Sink who played Max. Their impressive on-screen chemistry drove the viewer’s attention to a level where the fans began to view Sadie Sink as Caleb McLaughlin Girlfriend.

Stranger Things

Both Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink stated that they both share a relationship like close friends and nothing more. They also denied allegations and stressed the fact that their bond is only purely platonic.

Caleb Said He Is Open to Dating

In an interview with Access Hollywood, McLaughlin shared his willingness to be in a romantic relationship. McLaughlin cleared that, even though he does not have an intimate relationship, he regularly pursues dating. Furthermore, the actor also stated that he doesn’t have any criteria regarding the kind of person he would like to marry in the future.

Why Is Caleb McLaughlin Choosing to Be Single?

Caleb McLaughlin prefers driving his time and attention to his career in acting and music. In a meeting at the end of 2021, Caleb declared his commitment to discovering himself, stating that he’s in the process of becoming more aware of himself.

Caleb McLaughlin young and latest images

In addition, given his young age and just entering the first year of his twenties, we think it’s too early to begin a committed and serious relationship. Instead of prioritizing romantic relationships, he seems focused on building his professional career at this point.

Caleb McLaughlin Kissing Scene? Is the girl Caleb McLaughlin’s Girlfriend?

Sadie and McLaughlin’s first screen kiss increased speculation regarding their off-screen relationship. In the Stranger Things Season 2, Caleb was seen kissing Sadie in the TV show. At that point, fans believed they were dating or would be dating shortly. But as it turns out it’s just an assumption made by their fans. No official is saying regarding this. Moreover, Sadie in her interview confessed that their initial kiss was cool and she’s not too upset about it.


Finally, we can conclude that the famous Stranger Things star, McLaughlin prefers to keep his private and romantic life a secret. As per our review, he is not dating anyone and chooses to be single, focusing more on his career development at this moment. However, there is a possibility that he might be dating someone privately without being noticed by the paparazzi.

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